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Please email us with your testimonials! Let us know what you and your dogs thought of our services.

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My dog Mitra (Golden Retriever) has been cared for by Sheila and Tish since he was a puppy (will be 6 in September) and eagerly attends their facility 2-3 times a week. Tish bathes him and grooms him on a regular basis and all parties appreciate her talents in this regard. As a result of Mitra's regular appearance in the facility he has become well-socialized and has evolved into a great dog and friend. "Mitra" is a Sanskrit term meaning "friend". Thanks for this opportunity to share -

Diana Mansell



I have been using the services at Launder -A- Pet  for about eight years.  Our dog, nicknamed Big Bad Jake, (he's a Malamute Husky) goes out to the CavortingK9Retreat for kenneling from time to time.   I find it convenient to be able to call or e-mail Launder-A-Pet to book his kenneling. We just drop him off at Launder-A-Pet in the morning and the staff  take care of him until Cindy from CavortingK9Retreat picks him up.

Jake is getting older and a bit cranky now, and is not as able to play with the younger dogs as he once was.  The staff at Launder-A-Pet know him well and meet his needs by giving him a quieter place to wait for his transportation.  On his return from his break, he gets his toenails cut, has a shampoo and brush-out and comes home sweet smelling and happy.  I have been recommending Launder-A-Pet services to my friends for years.  I will bring the next dog that we get to Launder-a-Pet too.

Kate M.


Target is now 3 years old and has been going to Launder-A-Pet since he was 10 weeks old. The staff at Launder-A-Pet are friendly, knowledgeable and truly amazing with all the dogs. They treat and love Target as if he was their own. With my schedule, they accommodate Target with any daycare, grooming or boarding needs I may have at the last minute.

Playing with other dogs has helped Target mature and become an amazing socialized puppy.

Target loves going to Launder-A-Pet.

Target and I recommend Launder-A-Pet to all dog owners.

Ron Raymond


About 4 years ago, we adopted a one-year-old dog from the Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF).  He was a German Shepard/Beagle mix that had been neglected and abandoned, and therefore had separation anxiety to the point that my hubby and I could not even leave him alone in the house for an hour!  When we did, Bloo would howl so loud and desperately, that our neighbors got involved and volunteered to check on him throughout the work days.  That didn't help much, as the howling continued to the point it sounded like the dog was being abused!When we would get home from work, Bloo was so deperate not to lose sight of us, he would follow us from room to room, whining and crying as he went, and it would take several hours before he could be calmed down.And so, my search began for a doggie day-care that could help us out with our guilty consciences, and hopefully help Bloo out with his anxiety attacks.

 Launder-a-Pet was very close to my work on Blackfoot Trail, so Bloo and I went there and met Tish, the owner.  Some people are simply blessed with being an "animal-person" and that is Tish!  She took to Bloo on the first day and he fell in love with her and the other dogs at the day-care.  They get excercise all through the day and have a chance to be socialized with other dogs, which is so important when it comes time to taking Bloo to the off-leash areas in Calgary.

That was four years ago, and we still take Bloo-Man to Launder-a-Pet at least twice a week; not because of seperation anxiety, but for a day of fun with his buddies!  He is so happy when I drive up in front of Launder-a-Pet, anyone would know for certain that he is being well taken care of!  When I pick him up after work, we barely get to the first set of traffic lights, and my Bloo-Man is out cold!So, Thank you Tish and Sheila and the staff at Launder-a-Pet.  Bloo no longer has attacks whatsoever, and also has a whole bunch more new friends to call his own!

Joyce Smith

My dogs and I have been going to launder-a-pet for years.
They supply everything! The cheerful staff always have great ideas to help get the extra hair, dirt or smell off of 'Chance'.  We've even been in after Chance got skunked, the solution they made for him really worked at getting rid of the skunky odour. Thank-you Launder-A-Pet!!!

Chris Jones

Launder a pet was recommended to us by friends that had been taking their
dogs there for years. Being a first time puppy parent, we were very
nervous! But my fears were short lived once I was there and met Sheila and
Tish. They are simply wonderful! Mischa (our Akita) loves going to Doggy
Daycare. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for top notch care
with very friendly service!

Ernie and Donna


My wolf-hybrid, Sköll, has severe seperation anxiety, which is natural in a pack-animal. After trying out many different day-care situations, we found Launder-A-Pet. My Sköll has never been happier! I have never seen her so excited to go anywhere, and she just loves Sheila and Tish. I love the opportunity to keep her well-socialized regarding other dogs on a daily basis, and the monthly bath I have them give her keeps the fur under control, which is a major undertaking in any other situation. They even keep her nails trimmed in-between for me, which used to be a major undertaking all on its own, considering she hates to have her feet touched. The affection these Ladies have for the animals entrusted to their care is as obvious as is the love returned by all their furry customers. I know my girl is in safe hands and very well taken care of, which gives me daily piece of mind. I couldn't even think about taking my pet anywhere else.

Thanks SO much, Sheila and Tish, ya'll do an awesome job!
Dawn von Arnim and Sköll

Hi Guys,
I wanted to write you and let you know how much I appreciate you and your services.  I have taken my dog (Sadie) to a lot of different groomers in the past.  She used to shake when I brought her into places twice, perhaps remembering a bad experience.  When I drive up to your store, she starts sniffing and wagging her tail.  As soon as I get through the gates her tail is wagging in my arms, and she is COMPLETELY at ease.  It’s so nice to see when I come to pick her up that she is running around with the other doggies, not all crated away.  It is such an incredible assurance to know I can drop off my little baby at a place that does a great job, and a safe surrounding in which she just loves!  THANK YOU!
Ruth Schmidt

With compassion, patience and professionalism Sheila and Tish skillfully removed burrs, matted hair and excess hair from Joey our Border Collie.  The end results were outstanding and made the owners proud.  Thank you Sheila and Tish.
Glyn and Robin
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