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Self Service Pet Wash:


Launder-A-Pet supplies all the grooming brushes, shampoos, professional blowers necessary to bath you dog.  But the best part is that you leave the mess with us!  Our friendly, helpful staff will assist in any way possible so that your bathing experience is a pleasant one.  Our staff can also clip nails!

Staff are also available to wash and dry your pet for you if you do not have time available to do this yourself.  Please call and book an appointment (403)243-3519.

To view a sildeshow presentation for more information please click HERE.

Training Classes:

We offer agility training classes!

Dog owners who wish to continue in Agility are welcome to join the On Track Agility Club, which is an affiliated member of the AAC (Agility Association of Canada).

Doggy Daycare:


Are you working long hours or are not able to provide your pet with exercise on a particular day?  Does your pet have destructive habits due to boredom?  Do you have a young dog you would like to socialize?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then doggy daycare is for you! 

Drop off Fido or Fifi on your way to work and pick them up on the way home.  The dogs will spend the day playing together in the daycare area, get individual attention  by our loving staff and volunteers, and at the end of the day; you will take home a happy, tired dog.

Additional charges will apply for any and all dogs left under our care past business hours. Each additional 15 minutes or portion thereof will be $15.00.

Cavorting K9s Retreat:


Cavorting K9s retreat is located on 80 acres in the Cremona, AB area.  Dogs are to be dropped off and picked up at Launder-A-Pet by the owner and the staff of Cavorting K9s Retreat will take care of transporting your dog to and from the kennels. Pick up time is 2:00 pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday's.  There is no pick up or drop off at Launder-A-Pet on holidays. Owners can book the kennel stay through the kennel booking line and make arrangements to drive out to the kennel to drop off and pick up their dogs. If the dogs come into Launder-A-Pet before 12:00 noon there is a 1/2 day daycare fee of $20.00. To find out more take a look at the Cavorting K9s website for information about the kennel and phone the kennel booking line at (403) 266-1400.


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