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Launder-A-Pet Petwash

FOR YOUR INFORMATION : Shaving Down Double Coated Breeds


Come wash your pet with us and leave the mess behind!

The Self Serve pet wash is open 6 days a week.  No appointment is necessary!

When you come into our facility, we give you a basket of goodies for grooming your dog, cat or rabbit.

We supply:

    • Shampoo (We use a mild formula professional conditioning shampoo.  It is gentle enough to be used on puppies.  We also have a hypo-allergenic shampoo available upon request and some products that will remove motor oil, grease, and that awful smell that some dogs get from rolling in who knows what.We can even help if your dog encounters a skunk.
    • Slicker & / or pin brushes, undercoat rakes, combs, and rubber scrubbies (great for creating lather and loosening up that shedding coat!).  We also have an assortment of nail clippers and scissors, available upon request.
    • Aprons - we don't guarantee that you'll walk away dry but they do help a lot!
    • High speed professional blowers, hand dryers, and a hands free stand dryer.
    • Towels.

Our tubs are raised so no more back pain crouching over your bathroom tub (we even have an extra high tub for those of you over 6 ft tall!).  We have stairs that the dogs can use to get into the tub and there is always someone available that can assist in lifting those reluctant pooches.

Our pricing is based on the size and coat of your dog, not on the length of time you use our facilities!  Come in and see us!


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