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Canine Classes

Is your dog bored or lazy?

Are you tired of your dog ignoring you?

Do you wish you had a better bond with your dog?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions then its time to train your dog!

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Agility Classes: (Call for more details)

    • 1st and 2nd level classes are offered (each is a 6 week program); 
    • No previous obedience training is required but dog should have some basics ;
    • The 1st level course introduces the dogs to the safe performance of all of the obstacles (dogs must be 1 year old to join this class);
    • 2nd level course will introduce equipment sequences and basic handling techniques (dogs must be atleast 1 year old to join this class). 2nd level agility class builds on the skills learned in the 1st level course and develops handling skills in course work - the Intermediate courses are geared towards people who want to go on to competition or are looking for the added challenge of more elaborate courses.


These classes are not appropriate for dogs with aggression issues with people or other dogs - this is best dealt with in private training sessions or specialty aggression classes (which we don't offer, however; we can refer you to some Aggression Specialists - give us a call).

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