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Doggy Day Care

Where your dog can go and play with all of their canine pals!


How does it work?

    • We do not crate your dog!  We are one of the few daycare facilities in Calgary that does not use crates.
    • Dogs have time in pens, on matting area, and outdoors where they run and play with each other.

    • Dogs receive lots of love and attention from our staff and volunteers.

    • Daycare provides exercise and activity for dogs so that they do not develop destructive habits out of boredom;

    • We can also provide space for lunch time feedings for puppies, at your request;

    • Provides a safe atmosphere that you can feel comfortable taking your dog with the knowledge that your dog is not home alone;

    • Hours:  Daycare is available Monday through Friday from 7 am to 7 pm;

    • Pricing:  We offer 1/2 day and full day pricing, multi-day packages, and multi-day package for multi-dog households!

pawIt is highly recommended that all dogs who spend time at any of the following: Off leash parks, groomers, daycares, or kennels have annual vaccinations and preventative parasite treatments. Our Doggy daycare is for dogs without any aggression issues.

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